First and foremost, hello and welcome! Welcome to the journey.  This blog is all about self discovery, and becoming my (your) best self.  First, a little explanation of who I am.  My name is Rebecca and I hail from Long Island, New York.  I currently reside in the outskirts of the nations Capitol and am 27 years old.  I’ve built a wonderful life and community for myself but in the process I lost sight of self.  I think too many woman have and that’s the point of this blog, to discover self and really be present for the journey of life.

I grew up in your typical upper middle class, graduated with a Master’s Degree from a prestigious University, started a great job, and a gathered a host of friends, family and loved ones.  One day I stopped and looked at all the outside “things” and realized I have no idea what I actually enjoy, what really makes Rebecca happy.

Now a little explanation for the title of this blog.  A caterpillar is not the most beautiful thing; it’s a weird shade of green or brown and just crawls around.  One day, the caterpillar says enough and goes into a cocoon and completely reconstructs itself, from the inside out, to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, who is able to explore the world uninhibited by it’s surroundings.  It flies .

I was a caterpillar Caterpillar2(see photo) and there was always something inside that said “you are worth more than the lack of credit you are giving yourself” but still I crawled around.  I never got my wings, I was unable to fly.

What I’m slowly realizing is that every woman has a butterfly within screaming to come out .  The work that’s required to let her fly, well that’s what I’m afraid of, but result, the ability to fly above all the circumstances and be at peace flying with her fellows, that’s what I want to achieve.

With that, come fly with me and experience life uninhibited.10th Birthday


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