Vision Board: A purpose for the year ahead

I made my first vision board a few years ago at the suggestion of a friend who had been making them each year for almost 10 years.  Being an “arts-n-crafts” kind of gal I thought it was a great idea…but how exactly do I go about doing this, I wondered.  She suggested a few magazines to buy (Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens being two of them) and go from there.  That’s what I did.  Sat down with my magazines and got to cutting.  I found images that grabbed me, made me smile, made me laugh.  Phrases I could relate to, words I wanted to live by.

Here is my board from 2013

2013 and 2014 2014

As I sit down to do a vision board for 2015 I feel excited.  I see my vision board as my chance to be creative, hopeful, and purposeful. “If X is my goal, what do I need to do to obtain it.”

My personal opinion is that this project is best when you just go for it , but, for those of you who enjoy a little more direction, Christine Kane has a helpful site.

Lucinda Cross suggests readers “Pick images that will trigger an emotion into an action.”

First step, gather magazines that grab you, may it be an image on the cover, or an article of interest.  [side note, I never purchase magazines but for this project (and a new mantra of mine) I said hey, I’m worth it]

Mag20150106_115303 1

I read through each magazine once and flagged pages that I wanted to go back to.  Then, I grabbed my scissors and went for it!

The result!

2015 vision board2

 Things I learned:

1. Although I certainly didn’t mean to do this, there were a few specific areas of my life that kept coming up: travel, home, and most of all self care.

2. I’m a sucker for a unicorn.  I mean, how could I not put that picture on here.

3. In the grand scheme of things, my life is very blessed. I enjoy the strive toward perfection, the trick is accepting that I’ll never get there…or maybe it’s realizing and accepting that I’m already there, perfect just as I am…

Here are my 3 favorite parts:

unicorn snowhome

With that, I challenge you to put together your own vision board.  Happy creating!


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